• Ngày đăng 22/05/2019

As Supply Chain Manager, you will take on dual roles and challenging projects to provide a seamless operational process for internal teams as well as our business clients. In this position, you will be driving important KPIs in terms of inventory & operational excellence to achieve long-term business sustainability.

Job level: Head of Department

Report to CEO

Your responsibilities:

•Demand & Supply planning

-Review sales forecasting to determine right quantity of products to order

-Manage full process of stock replenishment from suppliers to e-commerce channels

-Manage allocation and transportation of stock to multiple warehouses for fulfillment

-Give internal management and clients understanding of inventory status through stock analysis reports

-Drive important KPIs in terms of inventory optimization and forecasting accuracy

-Collaborate with all stakeholders (suppliers, warehouse team, 3PLs, e-commerce platforms, etc.) to develop working processes

-Collaborate with sales team to improve sale forecast capability over time and manage bad stock

-Collaborate with internal management to deliver best practice for processes and compliance 

-Lead projects to drive new processes for demand& supply planning

•Warehouse and Fulfillment management

-Manage the daily operations conduct at the warehouse: manage, plan, & constantly supervise the process of goods Receive, Stowing, picking, packing and delivery

-Control inventory by conducting physical counts and reconciling stock with data on system.

-Maintaining standards of health and safety, hygiene and security in the work environment, for example, ensuring that stock such as flammable material are stored safely.

•Possesses strong working knowledge of Supply Chain Management, including the underlying theories and concepts 

•Has a very strong understanding of products and services within the functional area, as well as the operational supply chain processes and the business line strategies. 

•Strong understanding of E2E production cycles 

•Deep knowledge of Lean, value stream and process management to drive improvements and to solve complex problems in a supply chain environment. 

•Has a solid understanding of Customer needs 

•Respects and value diversity of workforce 

•Effectively manages the stakeholder ecosystem by applying influencing and negotiation skills to persuade others, cultivate ‘win-win’ value, and positively position our brand. 

•Ability to influence others within own organization 

•Acts as advisor to subordinates to meet schedules and/or solve technical problems. 

•Challenges self and others to develop reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships with key internal and external stakeholders for collaboration and leveraging of the partnership. 

Minimum Requirements:

•Possess a Bachelor’s Degree 

•+ 12 years of working experience in related field, ideally diverse experience within various SCM areas 

•Preferably experiences on Consumers Goods / B2C industry

•Ideally with previous people manager experience