Autonomous Inc. - Nhân Viên Operation Specialist -

Autonomous Inc. – Nhân Viên Operation Specialist

  • Ngày đăng 14/01/2021
  • Thời hạn ứng tuyển: 31/01/2021

· Work with local delivery team in US on optimal delivery rate and routing

· Assist the business operations leader in planning, organizing and coordinating functions relating to transportation

· Monitor expenses and budget in line with the finance and accounts department

· Responsible for troubleshooting any concern related to transportation

· Work with executives and other business leaders to identify opportunities for improvement

· Responsible for planning and tracking the shipments on daily basis

· Work with leader in order to build the strategic delivery model that will effectively cover the company’s current and projected markets

· All other duties as requested by leadership

- Bachelor's degree preferred.

- 1+ year(s) of experience as an Operations Executive or Logistics coordinator

- Ability to analyze and improve operational processes.

- Strong people management and organizational skills.

- Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

- Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

- Strong data entry skills and attention to detail

- Fluent in English

Team Culture Requirements

● Willingness to learn new programming languages, tools, and technologies 

● You must be a fast and thorough learner, capable of systematically inquiring into new technologies and their foundations. Think and rethink, from the ground up

● Able to constantly challenge yourself to stay on top of your game and upgrade yourself every day.

● Above-market salary and bonuses

● 13th month salary

● Total health care benefits for you and your spouses and children

● Standing desk, ergonomic chair

● Healthy, freshly prepared breakfast + lunch

● We play soccer every Friday!

● Team outing & company retreat

● Travel internationally to conferences needed

About Autonomous

From a small apartment in NYC to 10 locations around the world

Rewind to 2014: A small group of tinkerers in a tiny apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, New York shipped the first SmartDesk to their first Kickstarter backers.

2020: we power 110,000+ companies in over 60+ countries, the SmartDesk is AI, and we are reimagining not just workspaces, but workplaces. What happens when you reach across the world and create a borderless, decentralized, autonomous organization.

Our global offices - California, Saigon, Shenzhen, Amsterdam, New York - share the same DNA. Autonomous belongs to dreamers, risk-takers, engineers, and artists dedicated to breaking down ideas and building them up again - bolder and better.